"Discover The Exact Blueprint That Automatically Installs Behaviors Women Find Sexually Irresistible Onto Your Subconscious... Allowing You To Meet, Date And Have Sex With Smoking Hot Women In Only 30 Days"

Which girl grabs your attention more... the left or the right?

I'm betting that if you're a red hot-blooded male you were drawn to the photo on the right... and it took you less than a second to make up your mind.

If you're like 95% of men, you would have been subconsciously drawn to the girl with the bigger rack... it's just in your DNA and you have no control over it.

But did you know that women make these same snap decisions about whether they find YOU attractive... and that they also have no control over it?

If a woman wants to get more attention from men, the solution is pretty obvious...

But for us guys, how are we supposed to become more sexually attractive overnight? Is it possible there's a male equivalent of a boob job... and that we can make women lust after us the same way we do over a giant pair of tits?

Thankfully, there is... and it's a lot safer and cheaper than going under the surgeon's knife!

You Don't Need Any Of This Stuff To Attract Women

You can attract women without trying anything crazy. This means:

No steroids! (Put down the needle bro... women aren't attracted to bitch tits.)

No dick pumps! (If you think you need to supersize your dick, it's time to switch off the porn.)

No tattoos! (I'm not hating on tatts here... but the reality is most guy are getting them to look like a bad boy to attract women. You don't need 'em.)

You see, when women look at men they notice our behaviours much more than our looks.

And when you display the behaviours that women are hardwired to find attractive...

Well, that's when they have the same kind of thoughts about YOU, that YOU do when you see this.

You're about to discover something I've kept hidden for over a decade.

I'm gonna reveal to you my secret method that I call the Attraction Implant.

A method so powerful that it automatically installs the attractive behaviours of the men that women fantasize about.

And it installs them so deep into your subconscious that they stay there permanently.

Meaning you'll never have to worry again about how to attract women... it'll just be second nature.

What I'm revealing here are the nuts and bolts of what to actually do when meeting women.

Yes, I'm talking about closely-guarded techniques, tactics, exercises and word-for-word examples that make women feel compelled to sleep with you.

And the exact blueprint I followed that transformed me from a clueless, nervous wreck around women... to a confident, charming, charismatic man who was hooking up with the hottest and most desirable women on an almost nightly basis... such as models, actresses, strippers and other women so stunning I'd normally have a panic attack just looking at them.

And the best part: I accomplished all of this in just 30 days, and so can you! If you can follow simple directions then I promise you've got what it takes to completely transform your dating and sex life... and start hooking up with the kinds of girls who until now wouldn't even give you the time of day.

I know what it feels like to get completely ignored by beautiful women, and it sux! I've felt your pain.

But I promise you that makes it all the sweeter when you actually become the guy that these women obsess over.

Imagine how you'll feel, in just 30 short days from now, overflowing with the confidence that comes from women eye fucking you everywhere you go.

Gorgeous, desirable, feminine young girls looking at you like yours is the only dick on the planet that'll satisfy them.

And maybe even more important than that... never having to worry ever again about what to do and say when you spot a hot girl.

You know all of that worry, confusion, stress and anxiety that you've ever felt when talking to girls or even thinking about talking to girls? Gone. Forever. Done. Game Over. You don't have to experience any of that anymore.

And I'm going to prove it to you in just a moment. But first, you may be wondering 'who is this guy to make such outrageous claims, and why should I believe him'.

If so, I don't blame you at all... there's so much bullshit online today that it makes sense to be skeptical. Hell, I would be if I was in your shoes.

So let me take a quick moment to put your fears at ease, then I'll dish the dirt on the easiest way to get amazing success with women ever created.

Failure After Failure With Women

My name's Jackson Hunter and I've been attracting and seducing women around the world for nearly 15 years.

And as incredible as the success I've had with women has been, it wasn't always this way.

In fact, I was like the Washington Generals of dating... the team that beat the Harlem Globetrotters 6 times... and lost more than 14 000!

Every once in a while, if the planets were aligned correctly and fate was smiling on me... maybe I would get lucky.

But even then it was with girls who were so gross I would've been too embarrassed to be seen with them in public.

I swear sometimes I could even hear my dick talking to me... "Seriously, you're gonna make me do this?! For the love of God, why???"

And to make matters worse, I'd been studying dating and seduction advice for over a year... and was getting nowhere fast.

On top of that, I happened to be working in one of the hottest party bars in London... it was a place known for its wild and crazy atmosphere and where people went to get laid.

If you've seen the movie Coyote Ugly you'll have some idea of what it was like: girls dancing on stage in their underwear, liquor poured down people's throats... it was a madhouse.

And everyone was hooking up left, right and center... except me!

Convinced the whole idea that you can learn to attract women was a sham, I was preparing myself to give it all up.

I wondered if I was destined to spend the rest of my life alone... or worse, with some ugly, fat chick that made me sick to my stomach.

Stumbling Upon The Secrets Of Attracting Women

Things all changed soon after I met Justin, a Polish guy who was hired to work in my bar.

He was an average looking guy, pretty short and a bit overweight, so I didn't think anything of him at first.

Yet after the first week he'd fucked 2 of the hottest bartenders and a cocktail waitress who was the spitting image of Sofia Vergara.

Now these were girls that had barely said hello to me the entire time I worked there.

I even heard other girls gossiping about him, talking about how sexy he was and how they were going to try and get him alone.

I couldn't work out what was going on... this dude was probably the ugliest guy in the whole place. It didn't make any sense!

But rather than bitch about it, I decided to use this as an opportunity, to literally study him and see what he was doing to make all these drop-dead gorgeous women want to fuck him.

So I made friends with Justin and shadowed him for the next week, watching his every move and taking mental notes on everything he was saying and doing with girls.

And I was shocked to see that his sexual adventures became even more outrageous.

One night this Swedish bombshell entered the bar, and I kid you not, she would've looked right at home on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.

Every guy was drooling over her, eyes bulging out of their heads as she shook her perfect Scandinavian ass on the dance floor.

Except for Justin, he was barely even paying any attention to her at all.

About half an hour later I had to run down to the cellar and grab some more bottles of tequila. When I came back up I noticed Justin was nowhere to be seen.

I was looking all over for him when someone said they thought they saw him heading up to the roof.

Wondering what he'd be doing up there on such a busy night, I marched up the stairs, swung the door open... and found him balls deep in the Swedish goddess.

Even with everything I'd seen him do so far, I was stunned.

How was this below average looking dude able to so quickly attract and have sex with the fantasy girl that every guy in the bar would've given his left testicle for?

Well, later on I asked him what he did and he mentioned a technique that I later dubbed 'The Hollywood Loser'.

I'm going to tell you what this technique is and why it works so well in just a moment, so make sure you keep paying attention (warning: only use this when you want to get the hottest of hot women chasing you).

What I noticed is the technique he used was kind of similar to some pick up advice I read online, but with his own spin on it that made it so much more powerful.

For the next 2 weeks I was scribbling like a madman, taking notes on everything Justin was doing and combining that with the pick up advice I was reading online.

At the end of those 2 weeks I had so many ideas and theories that the only thing left for me to do was go out and test them.

Holy Shit... This Actually Works!

And so for the next 30 days I used just about every minute of spare time I had to go out and meet women in all kinds of situations and see how they'd respond.

To put it mildly, the results were un-fucking-believable!

The first time I tried out one of these techniques, (the same 'Hollywood Loser' technique Justin used on the Swedish girl), I ended up with a professional lingerie model trying to convince me why I should go out with her.

And then begging me to come over to her house so we could have sex (let's just say that when I went over and she answered the door in a tiny little schoolgirl outfit, she got her wish).

This was only the start.

in those 30 days I also had sex with a Vogue magazine model, the girlfriend of a famous world #1 athlete, a professional actress and countless other beautiful women.

But for me the best part was all the girls I worked with were looking at me like they'd never seen me before... suddenly intrigued and wanting to spend time with me.

Sara, the hottest bartender and a former stripper, comes up to me one night, rests her head on my shoulder and asks if I could come back to her room when work was finished.

Every guy there had been trying desperately to fuck her and failed, even Justin!

The Student Becomes The Master

I felt like I was now at a level that even surpassed him... and when we went out to a nightclub a couple days later I confirmed it.

Normally he was the center of attention and girls were all over him, yet that night he was practically invisible as girls were hanging off my every word.

"Jackson, WTF man? I can't even get a word in with these girls, they're all so fixated on you. What the hell's going on?" he asked after I finished making out with another girl.

He couldn't believe it, and neither could I. Just 30 days ago he was the most amazing guy with women I'd ever seen, and now here he was unable to compete with me.

And what I had done to get here was so simple, any man could do it... yes, even you!

How To Get Incredibly Good... Incredibly Fast

So what did I do in those 30 days to totally change the way women were responding to me? Well, a few things actually... let me explain:

First, I knew it's been scientifically proven that it takes 30 days to instill a new habit, so I figured if I could consciously display attractive behaviors for 30 days, then after that they would just be burned onto my subconscious and become permanent.

Which sounds great, but how do you constantly display attractive behaviors? How could you possibly remember to do everything right?

This is why I made sure to take advantage of the idea of progressive overload. If you've ever worked out in a gym, you're probably familiar with this term.

It means that you strive to add more weight to your lifts each workout, or to make your sessions more challenging so that you keep adapting and growing.

So applying this to my experiment, every day I just worked on one thing until I got it right and then added something else the next day.

By doing this, it made it incredibly easy to internalize these attractive behaviors, because I only had one thing to focus on and nothing to distract me.

The third thing I used was a series of challenges for myself... you can call them challenges, exercises, drills, missions, whatever... the point is I set myself a goal to try and achieve every day.

And the best part is it made going out and meeting women more fun than any time I'd tried it before, because it wasn't the same old boring thing of go out and start a conversation and try to get a number.

It was something new and exciting every day, and by focusing on whatever my challenge for that day was, it completely removed any anxiety and nervousness I felt.

So these 3 things combined... 30 days to instill a habit, progressive overload, and fun challenges that each have a purpose... led to me completely transforming myself and the way women saw me.

Most importantly of all, these attractive behaviors became a natural part of me, meaning they lasted permanently and I no longer have to think about them.

I just attract women effortlessly, and that's the way it should be.

Copy What I Did To Get The Results I Did

For a long time I didn't want to share these secrets with anyone... like I mentioned earlier, my ideas used to get ripped off whenever I posted them publicly.

Even Neil Strauss, author of The Game and recognized as the #1 seduction expert in the world, said of one of my techniques: "Wow Jackson, there is tons of gold here" and asked if he could meet me. Yet I see such a need for guys to have this step-by-step blueprint, so they can finally enjoy the success with women they desire without all the confusion and struggle.

So I've decided to make this information available for a very limited time... however, there's a condition attached: I want you to promise not to share this with anyone else.

Because it's so brutally effective, I don't want it to become over-exposed to the point where everyone is using it. Once I think enough guys have had access to it I'll be taking it down for good.

It's called Attraction Implant, and it will automatically instill the most attractive behaviors and mindsets into your subconscious if you just follow the program...

I've made this as 'done for you' and simple as possible... just go out and do each challenge and reap the benefits.

Just Do These Challenges And Get Results

Challenges like 'The Magic Mike'... this is the exact technique I used to get the girlfriend of that famous world #1 athlete from lukewarm to dragging me down an alleyway so she could place my hand inside her panties as she whispered in my ear, "Look how wet you've made me".

Or 'Galileo's Telescope'... a simple technique that convinces a woman you're the only guy in the world who really gets her, while destroying approach anxiety at the same time.

Now, if you've ever had trouble turning a conversation sexual, then you must try out 'The Britney', a stunningly simple way to get girls to beg you to tell them the most dirty, sexual things you can imagine (you won't believe how well this one works).

There's also the 'The Christian Grey'... do this, and you'll cement yourself in her mind as the sexual fantasy she simply has to have.

One of my personal favorites is 'The Sexy Mongrel'. If you get stuck in boring, polite conversations then this is a MUST, as you'll discover how easy it is to get grown women giggling like little schoolgirls (and when you're ready to make it even more advanced, I'll show you how a simple exercise I learned in improv class is like pouring gasoline onto a fire that results in explosive attraction).

Ever have a woman reject you and not know how to respond? 'The Helen Keller' is an exercise that'll completely eliminate this from happening ever again... and dramatically increase the amount of girls you have sex with.

There are times when approach anxiety rears its ugly head... either the girl is so hot she's intimidating or you're just not in the mood. 'The Dirty Nuns' technique is something I developed to ensure this never happens again, even for the most hardcore cases.

All you have to do is go out and do these challenges and use the techniques, as they're described to you, and your results with women will skyrocket.

Now listen, I can't guarantee that you're going to be having sex with Vogue magazine models like I was... because obviously there might not be any where you live.

And I can't guarantee you're going to get results just by hearing about these secrets. You need to actually go out and apply them in the real world (and honestly, you'll find them so much fun you won't be able to wait to get out there and use them).

But I can guarantee that if you follow this program, exactly as I teach you, you'll reach a new level of success with women that you never thought possible.

So let me tell you exactly what's included in Attraction Implant and how it works.

Here's Everything You're Getting Access To Today

Inside the exclusive Attraction Implant member's area, you'll be able to access the core program: 30 separate audio interviews where Angel Donovan and I break down for you each and every one of these missions.

Listen in as we tell you exactly what each mission involves and how to accomplish it... and get a peek behind the curtain as we give you our personal real life examples and the results we got.

You'll also get transcripts and notes from these audios, so you can quickly read them and know exactly what you need to do.

By the way you've got two options here:

1. You can use the exact word-for-word examples that Angel and I give you when you do these exercises... or

2. You can use the formula and examples we give you as a model, and custom tailor it so it's unique to you (don't worry, we'll show you exactly how to do this).

If you're a complete beginner then you might want to go with option 1, as you'll have less to think about. If you've got some experience already then I'd encourage you to go with option 2, as ultimately you'll learn even faster this way.

Remember, even though you'll be getting our tried and true lines, methods and techniques, the whole point of teaching them to you is so you internalize the principles that make them so effective... this is the key to becoming naturally attractive.

I've designed this program in such a way that anyone can follow it, so no matter what level of experience you've got, you will, get results.

It's based on the principle of progressive overload, so you'll be starting with something that you're capable of doing and then gradually challenging yourself a bit more with each exercise.

This is how you make steady, smooth progress and quickly become that rare 1% of men: the kind that women feel an uncontrollable sexual urge for.

Now I realize that you mightn't have the time to complete all of these challenges in 30 days like I did, and it's cool, you can actually take as much time as you want.

If you want to take 60 days, 90 days or whatever, that's completely fine, you'll still get the same life-changing results. The only difference is the quicker you complete all of these challenges the quicker you'll implant all of the attractive behaviors onto your subconscious.

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With everything you learn in Attraction Implant you'll be meeting women easily and going on lots of dates, so we designed First Date Fireworks to cover everything you need to know.

From where to take her, what to do and say, how to get physical and lead her back to your place for a night of wild sex.

As well as everything you need to make sure your pad is set up in such a way to ensure things go without a hitch (if you get this wrong, your chances of sex drop to almost zero).

Angel and I give you our own personal 'date templates' that show you in extreme detail everything we do to guarantee the result we want.

We both have different strategies on the first date, but still end up with the girl back at our place... and we'll show you how to adapt what works for us and tailor it to your own specific situation.

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And on top of that you'll also get access to Spontaneous Storytelling.

Learning how to tell great stories is one of the most powerful ways to attract high quality women, yet it's something almost no man gets right.

In this value-packed bonus Angel and I unveil the secrets of what it really means to tell great stories in a way that captivates women.

And we take it a step further as we show you how to spontaneously create stories so that you're never at a loss for words.You'll never feel like you've run out of things to say or don't have anything worth talking about ever again.

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If you act today you'll also get one month of free access to the Dating Skills Academy, a one-of-a-kind mentoring program where we work with you directly to achieve all your dating and relationship goals.

Angel and I are on the Academy forum personally every single day, answering any questions you have and steering you in the right direction. You'll be getting expert feedback in real time, meaning you get results even quicker.

So if you need help with any of the challenges, or anything to do with women and dating, just ask us and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours. This makes it impossible for you to get stuck.

You'll also be able to check out the Academy training videos, the Toolbox and attend the monthly Skype Conference Calls.

Our Academy members are getting unbelievable results at the moment, such as one guy who went from being a virgin to dating three girls simultaneously.

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I have to warn you this is a very limited offer, as we're only accepting a small amount of members inside the Academy. The reason is we give a lot of hands-on personal attention to everyone and there's only so much time we have available to do this.

Once we reach the threshold, we'll be closing the doors to the Academy, and if we reopen them in the future the price will be going up to $97/month. But by purchasing Attraction Implant today you'll have the option to remain an Academy for only $47/month and never pay a cent more.

The Most Cost-Effective Dating Program
Ever Created

Ok, so you may be wondering how much it's going to cost to purchase Attraction Implant... and I think the price is going to shock you (in a good way!)

Let me quickly recap what you're getting.

You're getting access to Attraction Implant, the program that I personally used to go from insecure and anxious around women, to having sex with girls so hot they were earning a fortune off their looks... and normally dating movie stars and athletes.

When you act today you'll also receive First Date Fireworks which has a real world value of $47.

And you'll be getting Spontaneous Storytelling which also has a real world value of $47.

And to ensure I really over-deliver on the value you're receiving, you'll get a month of free access to the Dating Skills Academy, which is currently $97 to sign up for the first month.

So all up this entire package is worth well over $500 so I thought if I priced it at $197 it would be a steal.

But I didn't want price to take this program out of the reach of any of the guys who needed it the most. When I first did this program all those years ago, I was often living day to day off the tips I made in my bar, so I know what it's like if money is tight.

That's why you won't be paying $197... in fact, you won't even be paying $97.

When you take action today you'll be getting this entire package for just $47. I may be crazy for offering information of this quality for such a ridiculously low price, but I figure this guarantees it's affordable for anyone who is serious about solving this part of their life once and for all.

"The thing that surprised me was how quick it can be to get results once you start working smarter instead of harder, like I'd been doing in the past. I'm seeing two girls regularly that I enjoy having sex with. In the last two months alone I've had more experiences than I did in the last few years combined. I would absolutely recommend this program because it's really a no-brainer when you receive so much value for such a small price." - Alex, 26, Italy

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I've even had guys offer me hundreds of dollars for this information but have always refused because I didn't think I'd ever release it. So I reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time, I can't promise you'll see it again (so if you miss out, don't say I didn't warn you!).

To make sure you don't miss out and make your decision today a no-brainer, I'm giving you a full 60 days to check out Attraction Implant and all of the bonuses so you can see it delivers on everything I said it would.

If for any reason you're not happy with the program all you need to do is send me an email and I'll refund your full purchase price, no questions asked. This is literally a risk-free investment, one that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Ask yourself, what's it worth to you to be able to date and have sex with your dream woman (or 2 or 3 or more)?

Chances are you already spend a lot more than $47 on trying to meet and impress women now, and where is that getting you?

This is a proven system that is guaranteed to work for you, so the sooner you learn it and put it into action... the sooner you'll save money by actually doing the things that cause women to feel uncontrollable attraction for you.

So go ahead and click on the Add to Cart button below and let today be the day you transform into the man you've always wanted to be!

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