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London, England.

You wouldn't believe how many questions I get from guys asking me what the one product is they should buy to solve all of their dating woes.

Hey Angel, I want to be able to pick up any girl in any situation, have sex with her right away and then make her my girlfriend if I want to keep her. What product will teach me this?

What they're really asking for is the magic formula that'll turn them into charming ladies men overnight.

I hate to break it to you but such a formula doesn't exist. Never has, never will.

Men have been trying to seduce women for many thousands of years. If there were some super-secret technique guaranteed to make any woman want to tear your clothes off, don't you think it'd be public knowledge by now?

But thanks to all of the sleazy marketing these days, I wouldn't blame you if you believed there were 3 secret, magical words that will guarantee you bang 47 girls in the next 5 days.

And I think if you're really honest with yourself, deep down you know that all of those claims are bullshit.

Don't Get Sucked Down The Rabbit Hole

Over the years I've met tons of guys who are looking for the easy answer, the magic bullet... they either give up altogether or they become obsessed with finding the holy grail of pickup.

The ones who stick with it desparately want to believe there's a formula that will get them every single girl, every single time. Their whole life becomes about 'running game' on women and trying to prove something.

Ironically, the more they get sucked down this rabbit hole the more they actually repel women. Women cease to become people, instead seen as 'sets' and 'targets'.

Take Mike for instance, a guy who recently wanted coaching with me. He's been going out for 40 hours a week for the last 5 years, working on his 'game'... and hasn't slept with a single woman in all of that time!

When I explained to him what he was doing wrong, and gave him a detailed outline of exactly what he needed to do... his reply was, 'But what's the opener I can use to attract every woman I meet?

However, I don't blame him for thinking like this. And if you've had the same thoughts, it's not your fault either.

Men are being lied to every day about what it actually takes to become good with women and it confuses the hell outta them!

Meeting Women Is Like Sex... If You're Not
Having Fun, You're Not Doing It Right

One thing I can promise you is that the more you actually enjoy meeting and talking to women, the better they'll respond to you. They'll want to flirt with you, date you, kiss you and go to bed with you.

But much of the dating advice out there tends to treat the whole idea of attracting girls as some kind of complicated maths equation. I read some of this stuff and think, 'Dude, WTF?! Meeting women is not this complicated!'

It becomes a massive source of stress and anxiety for many guys, and they try and avoid it like the plague... talking to pretty girls is suddenly the scariest thing in the world!

However, it doesn't have to be this way. When you learn how to apply the 80/20 rule to dating, all of a sudden things become simple. Even better, it becomes FUN!

You'll be one of the few guys who knows on a deep level what women really desire in men. This is when you can 'just be yourself' with women, but in a way that naturally attracts them and gets awesome results.

Another advantage of this is you never have to worry about being caught out by women for doing anything weird. I've seen plenty of guys instantly change from suave and confident to timid little boys when a woman asks them, 'Are you one of those pick-up artists? I've heard that line 10 times tonight already.'

The Hidden Flaw Of Dating Advice You Won't Hear Anywhere Else

As far as I'm aware, Friedrich Nietzsche was never a dating coach. But his quote, 'You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist', is perfect when applied to dating advice.

You don't need to be the guy who goes out to clubs wearing a top hat and pink feather boa. You don't need to be the guy who learns language tricks to try and hypnotize women. You don't need to be the guy who acts like a jerk in the hope of appearing 'alpha'. You just need to learn what works for YOU.

You're not going to get anywhere with women by pretending to be someone else... and this is why following cookie-cutter advice dished out to thousands of guys is not the answer for you.

If you want a dating and sex life you can be proud of...whether it's attracting and sleeping with lots of women or getting a high quality girlfriend...you need a strategy that's personally tailored to you.

The truth is, most men don't even really know what their biggest sticking point is. So they spend a lot of time on things they don't need, and fail to address the main issues that are holding them back.

Be honest with yourself: do you know what the #1 thing holding you back right now is? Do you have an action plan in place to ensure you get past it and go to the next level?

If not, then how do you expect to get any better?

Chances are you'll fall into the trap that most men do, jumping from one dating product to the next and trying a bunch of different ideas without a clear blueprint to follow.

You won't hear this in most dating advice, but not every man needs to work on the same things.

You have your own strengths and weaknesses
which are different from the next guy… so why are you following the same dating advice that he is?

The truth is, it's not your fault. The marketing of these products make them out to be a one-size-fits-all solution that'll work for you and everyone else... even when it's not the case.

In reality, you'll only get the full benefits from a dating product if you study the exact information you need at the exact time that you need it.

Otherwise, you're just taking on more information that's not relevant to you... making the whole process of meeting women more confusing and complicated than it needs to be.

This is why when guys learn about dating and women in a way that's specifically tailored to them, they're surprised about how simple and effortless it can really be.

More information is not the answer. The right information, applied the right way, is.

This is what's lacking in the dating advice industry, as no one has really addressed this issue... until now.

For the past couple of years I've been working to solve this issue once and for all, and this is what motivated me to create The Dating Skills Academy.

What Is The Dating Skills Academy?

The Dating Skills Academy is an online community, a place where you'll get personalized advice and coaching from myself and Dating Skills Review editor Jackson Hunter. This is how we make sure you're only focused on the things that will make the biggest impact on your results.

I'm a big believer in simplicity... the easier something is to understand and follow, the more likely you are to do it.

Which is why in the Dating Skills Academy we strip everything down to the core essentials that actually make a difference in getting you success with women.

We clear away all of the crap that is just hype and marketing and focus on the top reasons you're not getting results. These will be different for every man, so we make sure to identify YOUR unique challenges.

Think of us as your own personal mentors, working with you directly every step of the way to give you a crystal clear picture on exactly what you need to do to reach where you want to go.

Whenever you run into any issues that confuse you or slow you down, we'll be there to steer you back on track. If you have questions about anything a girl says or does, we'll be able to decode her behaviour for you.

Why This Is Different Than
Anything Else You've Seen

Jackson and I have been coaching men just like you since 2003, so we've come across every possible scenario and know how to get you past any obstacle you face.
Whatever it is you want to achieve, we know what it takes to get you there.

Ultimately what we have done in the Academy is hand select the absolute best information available today in each and every area of dating, sex and relationships.

We aren't affiliated with any particular dating guru, company or method. We simply use what works and discard the rest. And that's exactly what we're going to teach you to do.

It's this flexibility that is the key to getting the best results in the quickest time possible. You see, other dating coaches are restricted to teaching a particular method or style. They're not going to tell you about anything that conflicts with their own ideas, even if it works better in some cases.

So whether you want to meet women during the day, out at bars and clubs, online, through social circles or anywhere else you can think of... we know what techniques and methods deliver proven results for each situation.

Think of it like this: A fighter trained in many types of martial arts has an advantage over a fighter who only trains in one.

He knows the strengths and weaknesses of each martial art, and how to use the appropriate technique depending on the situation at hand.

With practice, he doesn't even have to consciously think about these techniques anymore. He just intuitively reacts in the moment, based on the opponent in front of him, until he comes out on top.

This is the same approach we use when it comes to women and dating, and it's the same approach we'll teach you.

When you learn what techniques work better with women in different situations, you can adapt to what comes up and handle it with ease.

More Effective Than A Bootcamp At Only A
Tiny Fraction Of The Cost

Up until now, the only way to get the kind of personal feedback you need was through a live bootcamp.

Bootcamps can be useful, in fact Jackson and I taught these together for three years. Our students got great results and we had the best reviews in the entire industry.

However, there's also a limitation to bootcamps. There's only so much you can learn in one weekend, and after you're done you're left to try and figure out what to do next on your own.

You don't have the coaches around anymore telling you what to do or motivating you to take action. This is why a lot of guys do well on a bootcamp but as soon as it's over they have no idea what to do next and progress screeches to a halt!

The Dating Skills Academy is designed in a way that you keep getting better and better results. As you start getting success, you'll actuallyhave new challenges come up as you have different experiences with women.

But rather than wasting time trying to figure it all out for yourself, and losing girls while you're doing it, we'll be on hand to tell you exactly where you're at and what you need to do to keep moving forward.

By making this kind of consistent progress week after week, you'll actually get much better results than trying to cram everything into one weekend and then trying to guess what you need to do next.

Not to mention the fact that bootcamps don't come cheap! For a two day workshop you'll likely be paying a couple of grand or more... with no guarantee that you'll achieve any success after the weekend is over.

The Dating Skills Academy comes with a complete guarantee and only costs a tiny fraction of a typical bootcamp. I'll get to the exact price in just a moment, but first let me tell you everything that you'll be getting in the Academy...

What You'll Get In The Dating Skills Academy

Coaching Call With Angel Or Jackson

Everyone who joins the Academy will get a free 60-minute coaching call with either myself or Jackson within the first few days of joining.

We'll talk to you about your individual goals and tell you exactly what you need to do to get results - no messing around. This one call will probably save you years of chasing the wrong solutions.

The only way that you can currently get private coaching from us is through the Academy, as we're all booked up otherwise. Our past clients were paying $5/min for our time, so this call has a real world value of $300.

Since the Academy is a personal mentoring program, we're both determined to be really hands-on with each and every student... we're a bit obsessive like that! As soon as you sign up you can schedule your private call.

After we've completed the coaching call with you, we'll send you a written assessment detailing your strengths and weaknesses and tell you what you need to focus on. We'll go over the exact steps that you need to take next so that you get the fastest results possible.

24/7 Access To Us In The Forum

We're going to personally be in the Academy Forum each and every day, answering your questions and giving you all the help and attention you need.

It's the only place that exists where you get access to experts of such caliber as our team every day for as long as you are part of this exclusive community.

You can ask us as many questions as you like, whenever you like, and you’ll receive a quick response that'll tell you exactly what you need to know.

You'll also be able to chat with other guys on the forum, and see exactly how members have gone from zero experience to dating multiple women so quickly. Connecting with other guys on the same path as you really helps!

Monthly Conference Call

Each month we host a live conference call via Skype which Academy members are encouraged to attend. This is a chance for you to check in with us and keep us updated on your progress.

We also select a main topic to teach for each month based on what we think is going to be most useful for members at that time.

These calls are really popular with Academy members and are a great way to stay on track and make sure you are achieving your goals. You'll learn nuggets of gold on these calls that you won't see anywhere else, as they're exclusive to the Academy.

We record all of these calls, so if you can't join us live for any reason, you'll be able to download it from the forum. Once you become an Academy member you'll also have access to the complete archive of previous conference calls.

Weekly Q&A Session

If you have any questions about dating, sex or relationships that you would like answered in more detail, you can post them in a special section of the forum and Jackson and I will record an in-depth audio for you.

We record these each week and every Academy member has this available to them.

Sometimes we can answer your question really quickly, and sometimes these audios may be over an hour long. We are committed to making sure you have no excuses not to get the women you want, so we'll spend as long as necessary to make sure you're crystal clear on anything you don't understand or are struggling with.

Dating Skills Blueprint

This is the exact map of everything you need to learn in extreme detail. The blueprint simplifies the whole dating process by showing you what skills you need to learn and how each skillset leads to results.

You don't need to study all the dating skills to get results. In fact you get results quicker when you focus on exactly the skill that is currently in the way of your results.

These 8 skillsets we teach you are the pillars upon which lifelong success with women is built:

Inner Game and Confidence

You'll never be truly happy with women (or yourself) until you master this foundation skill. We show you exactly how to do so in a practical, straightforward manner.

Image and Fashion

The easiest thing to fix and can change how women respond to you overnight. Learn easy ways to upgrade your 'visual image' and never worry about it again.

Female Psychology

Unless you understand women's psyschology, you'll never be good with them. We teach you the difference between what a woman says she wants vs what she really wants.

Meeting Women

Most men aren't meeting enough women. We'll show you how to make meeting attractive new women an effortless part of your life, opening up a whole world of possibilities.

Attracting Women

This is the #1 skill that confuses most men, but once you discover what it really means to attract women it changes the way they respond to you for the rest of your life.

Masculine Sexuality

We reveal what it means to be masculine in a way that's magnetically attractive to women, and how to ensure you (and your women) enjoy a remarkable sex life. 


Whether you want to have a single monogamous relationship or mutliple open relationships, we teach you how to create them so they are healthy and drama-free.


This is about putting all the pieces together and living an awesome life. You'll learn the key principles to surround yourself with the quality people you aspire to be around.

Action Templates

Our main focus is on making sure you get results by making everything as simple as possible. One way we'll do this is by giving you templates that cover different dating skills. These will be like a checklist, so you can go through them and make sure you're doing all the right things and none of the wrong ones.

For example, you'll see a video where Jackson and I walk you through our templates for a first date. So you'll see in detail all of the things we do to make our dates effortlessly successful.

So if you ever ask yourself, 'Where do I take her? What do I talk about? How do I know when to kiss her? How do I bring her back to my place?' then you don't want to miss this.

However we're not going to have you do the exact same things we do. Everyone is different and this is why it's important to tailor these ideas and techniques to your own situation.

So we'll show you how to customize what we do in a way that works for you. This way you understand the main concepts and are free to apply them in ways that feel completely natural.

Bulletproof Willpower

If you want results, you gotta take action. It sounds obvious, yet this is the #1 thing that separates the guys who have a kick-ass dating life from those who don't.

But if you're like most guys, you probably find it a challenge to push yourself into action. This is especially true as you take your first steps.

Most men fail because they get demotivated and give up too quickly - or don't have the willpower to do what is necessary. I designed the bulletproof willpower training to eliminate this problem. It'll teach you how to build the willpower you need to thrive on this journey, and take the actions required to get results.

This may not seem important to you right now, but I guarantee this module makes all the difference for most men. You're going to learn to 'hack' your willpower so you can take control of it.

Accelerated Results System

In a series of video trainings, I'll take you step by step through the exact learning formula that translates to getting good with women fast.

This is crucial, as knowing how to learn something is just as important as what you learn. Almost nobody knows the correct way to do this, and it's one of the main reasons most guys buy dating products and get poor results from them.

When you discover the power of 'optimum sequencing' you'll realize why so many men screw up their dating lives by not getting this right. I'll also teach you about the power of leverage and how this can slash months or years off your learning curve.

The Toolbox

This is a series of innovative tools we've built to actually 'do some of the work' for you. We can't learn the skills for you, but we've done the closest thing possible. By using the toolbox you eliminate a lot of thinking and indecision - you'll get told exactly what you have to do next. It doesn't get easier than this.

1) Dating Skills Assessment

When you enter the membership site you'll immediately be asked to walk through the Skills Assessment tool, answering a set of simple questions. This will reveal your weaknesses, your strengths and the exact training modules you'll need to study first. Later, when you have completed a module, you'll use this tool again to tell you what your next step is.

2) Dating Tracker

How do you know when good is good enough? The truth is, most men really have no idea. This is why we have taken all of the guesswork out of the matter and included this simple to use tool telling you exactly where you're at. All it'll take to tell you how good you are and where you need to work on your skills most, is collecting a few simple data points about your dating activities.

This tool is a game changer because it's hard to be objective about our own dating lives and experiences with women... this is where you make mistakes. But the data doesn't lie and this tool will tell you exactly how you stack up against men who get great results.

3) Massive Action Plans

Putting everything we teach you into practice can seem an overwhelming task, which is why we really focus on showing you how to create a plan to ensure you take action. And not just action, but massive action, to put you on the road to massive success.

We'll help you break down your goals into manageable chunks, in a way that makes it easy for you to keep moving forward and smashing your goals!

How Do I Get Entry Into The Dating Skills Academy?

The Academy first went live on the 4th October, and places were quickly snapped up. Unless you were on our VIP launch list, you wouldn't have even had the opportunity to come aboard.

Since then I've had a lot of people email me wanting to know how they can sign up. So in the interest of fairness and providing the opportunity for you to take control of your dating life, I'm accepting enrollments again.

I'm opening up the doors to the Dating Skills Academy to another round of students... but there are only 50 23 places available!

So if you want to ensure your place in the Academy, as well as your personal coaching call, I encourage you to sign up right away so that you don't miss out.

Why are we only taking on board 50 people? Because I want to make sure you receive as much personal attention as you need. Between these 50 places and the members in the Academy already, I don't have the time to personally handle more people than this.

This isn't like most other membership sites where you never hear a peep from the dating coaches themselves. I'm going to be in the forum personally every single day and you will have full access to me for whatever help you need.

I guarantee it's this personal attention that will make all the difference. How do I know this? Because I've seen it happen too many times to count.

Back when Jackson and I used to teach live bootcamps together, our students made more progress in one day than they had in months or years.

We regularly coached guys who had studied with other dating coaches, big names you've undoubtedly heard of... and our students would be shocked that we could explain something to them in a few minutes that they couldn't figure out during an entire weekend studying with another company.

Now why was that? Is it because we were just so much better and more knowledgeable than anybody else out there? Perhaps.

But what really set us apart was that we had the best ratio of instructors to students in the entire industry. While other companies were cramming in as many people as they could fit, we only took one student per instructor so we could maximize their success.

We weren't teaching cookie cutter methods, instead tailoring our teaching specifically to each individual.

I'm all about results. I'm in this to make sure every guy I work with gets to the level of success they deserve. My personal mantra is 'no man left behind'...which is why I've worked my ass off to develop this learning system to ensure that it works 100% of the time for every single person.

I guarantee this will work for you, if you put in the work. If you're prepared to do what it takes to make your dreams with women come true, it's simple to get started.

Here's All You Need To Do Now

All you have to do right now is click on the 'Add To Cart' button below and you'll be guaranteed your place in the Dating Skills Academy for the small investment of $97. Once these places are filled, the doors will be closed. If I reopen them again in the future, the price will be going up to $197.

Remember, when you join today you'll be able to schedule your personal coaching call with myself or Jackson, which other guys were gladly paying $300 for.

So just the call alone makes this a great investment, but when you consider all of the learning resources, tools, and continued support you'll be getting inside the Academy, the decision to join really should be a no-brainer.

To make it even easier, I've completely removed all the risk for you. Try out the Dating Skills Academy for a full 60 days and if you aren't completely satisfied... if it doesn't deliver on everything I said it would... shoot me a quick email and I'll refund your money no questions asked.

If you decide you want to stick around with us and continue the rapid rate of progress, it's only $47 for each additional month.

For less than the cost of a typical night out, you'll have complete access to world renowned experts who have dedicated their lives to making sure men just like you get complete and total success in dating, sex and relationships.

How long do I recommend you remain a member? Well, how important is it for you to reach your goals with women?

Some men will learn exactly what they need to go to the next level within just one month, while others will gain so much benefit that they wouldn't dream of leaving.

It's similar to how some people join a gym for a month or two to get in shape for a special occasion, while others make it part of their lifestyle and go year after year because they know the decision to invest in your own success is the best decision you can make.

Either way, there is no pressure and we want you to remain a part of our community for as long as you feel you are receiving value from it. You are free to leave at any time. Just drop me an email and I'll take care of everything for you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up right now by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button...

"Wherever you feel you're at, I highly recommend these guys. They know their stuff and more importantly, they actually teach you effectively unlike some other workshops I've been on. Why waste months or years tripping up in trial and error? Check them out only if you're serious about improving." - Tim Eastwood, 26, London

"Angel is really fantastic... he has such a depth and breadth of knowledge. He immediately picks up on your weaknesses. What's cool is he gives you specific tactics and strategies to go out and do and review them with you.... he's a really no nonsense coach... my results improved dramatically within a few weeks... So I highly recommend Angel and Dating Skills Academy." - Ramon Diaz, 35, Los Angeles

"This weekend I met a gorgeous girl who is really into me, and I made a solid connection by following the process that you kept describing. I had failed so many times before and now I finally have real success with women and I feel like a totally new man and that I've found a missing part of myself. Thank you so much for the mentorship and being willing to share this information." - Brad Fincher, 40, New York


Is the Academy the right fit for me?

Well, how happy are you with your current success with women? If you're in a relationship with your dream woman or easily able to attract and date most women you meet, you probably don't need any help. If you're not 100% happy with your current dating and sex life, then the Academy is designed to ensure that you get there.

I'm not sure if I have the money and/or time for this.

The reality is that if you want to get better with women you have to be prepared to invest something. You can try and do it for free but you'll have to invest hundreds if not thousands of hours before you're able to figure this out on your own. Similarly, there are live training options designed to get you up to speed as quick as possible, but these cost thousands of dollars.

The whole point of the Academy is to get real results for you without demanding much of your time and money. We'll only ask you to invest about 30 minutes each day, which is manageable for anyone. And if you think you don't have the time for this, we'll show you inside the Academy tactics for managing your time better, making you more efficient.

As for the price, we feel this is affordble for everyone who is serious about getting their dating life handled. It's guaranteed that you won't be able to find personal mentoring from any other top level dating coaches for anywhere close to this price. For many guys, this is cheaper than what they spend on a single night out, buying drinks and hoping to get lucky with a girl but ultimately striking out. When you learn how to actually attract women, it'll save you a lot of money in the long run.

How much content is there in the Academy?

There's over six hours of video training in the Academy, which you'll have access to at different times depending on what stage we want you to focus on. We've made a conscious effort not to include too much content as this raises the risk of overwhelming and distracting you. Rest assured that if we've included something it's because it works.

The Academy is not a passive training program, meaning that you just watch some videos and are sent on your way. Instead, we work with you to teach you what you need to learn, and exactly how to apply it. It's the equivelant of having a dating coach available to you each and every day to make sure you're getting results.

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

We offer an unconditional money back guarantee for a full 60 days. You can test drive the Academy 100% risk free to decide if it's right for you. If you want to cancel your membership for any reason you can send us a quick email and you'll be refunded in full, no questions asked.

How long do I need to stay in the Academy for?

This is entirely up to you. Since this is a customized coaching program everyone is going to have different goals and objectives and will achieve them at different rates. What we suggest is that you stay on board for as long as you feel like you're receiving value from the Academy.

We've had members who leave after a month or two because they have achieved what they were looking for, just as we've got members who have been with us since we launched over 6 months ago. These members remain in the program because they keep making progress and wish to continue getting even better.

Do I need to have any prior experience with dating advice?

No. We have about a 50/50 split of members who have read dating advice or purchased dating products. If you have no prior experience then it means you don't have any bad information that we have to get you to unlearn. If you have experience with other dating advice, we'll be able to show you why you haven't been getting great results with it. We can teach you how to actually make it work, or, if the advice is poor, teach you what you should be doing instead.

What makes you an authority? How do I know you'll get me results?

Angel and Jackson have both been learning about dating, sex and relationships since around 2000. In 2003 they formed one of the first live coaching companies and were featured in The Game by Neil Strauss. They have both slept with over 100 women, in between the relationships they've had with high quality women who have both beauty and brains.

They have coached hundreds of guys and their bootcamps received the highest satisfaction ratings in the entire dating industry. Some of their former students have gone on to become dating coaches themselves and enjoyed enormous success. They've also interviewed and learned from experts across a wide range of fields and continue to develop their knowledge and innovate even further.

Can I think about it and join at a later time?

We can't make any promises on this. Because we work personally with all Academy members there are only so many people we can accept into the program before it becomes too taxing on us. We need to make sure we give everyone the attention they deserve so they achieve the results they want. If we let too many people into the Academy then we can't dedicate as much time to each person, which wouldn't be fair.

It's likely that very soon we will be raising the price to $197 for the first month and $97 for each additional month for new members. This will be to cover all of the extra time and effort we are putting into the Academy every week to continually improve it. If you join today you'll have this lower price locked in and never be subjected to any price increase. As of today there are only 23 places remaining so guarantee your spot before somebody else grabs it.

If you have further questions please contact me at